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Education is the best prevention

Staff workshop

A student who is concerned for their safety cannot learn.

School is meant to be a safe space for children. But with the number of adolescent offenders continuously rising, it is not always the case.

Also, although difficult to consider, there are times when the perpetrator is a parent or caregiver in the child’s own home. Outside education and encouragement are therefore paramount in saving the child’s life. Without it, you may c’’v lose the opportunity to save them.

Under U.S. law, a teacher will be liable for not reporting disclosures if they left their student vulnerable. Studies show that the second most disclosed-to person after a parent is a teacher. Many scenarios need not be reported, but it is upon the caregiver to ensure the child is safe while in their care.

MagenU’s staff workshop educates the school faculty about mandated reporting, how to handle disclosures, and even how to safely interact with their students, so they can feel safe and confident in their beautiful careers educating Hashem’s children.

By investing in our one-off training, you’re acting as role models in the virtues of kindness, responsibility, and commitment and sending your students a clear affirmation that you are there for them.

This training provides your staff with the required annual NYS Mandated Reporter certification.



One-time [1-2 hr] workshop


Your school or on Zoom


Trained MagenU staff member

“Our staff, student and parent bodies walked away feeling empowered and armed with practical information. As the hanhala, we are so grateful there exists a program that teaches adults and children alike about the unfortunate reality of dangers present in our world. From the enthusiastic response, we know your presentation was well-received. Your light manner of discussing a weighty topic helped to allay the fears in our hearts and empower all to be proactive instead of fearful.”

Renelle J. Maslaton

M.S.Ed, Dean, Bet Yaakov Orot Sarah High School, Brooklyn, N.Y.

What staff will learn

Topics covered:

Why MagenU’s staff workshop works

When a school opens the conversation with the sensitive Be A Star® curriculum, it normalizes the taboo topic just enough that a child realizes the school cares about their personal safety – and they’ll be comfortable to report a concern.

Learn and let learn.

Keep your child safe.