Are you a parent, principal or teacher of children?

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Is there a child in your life that you want to keep safe? Access a revolutionary personal safety education created exclusively for the Orthodox Jewish world.

Our Mission

MagenU is committed to protecting our children by promoting personal safety education. Our goal is to educate and empower both adults and children, as the process to eliminate CSA.

Parents guided
Teachers trained
Children empowered

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.

But as someone who cares for children, you are aware that it can.

One in ten children will be abused before they reach 18. Based on our anecdotal evidence, the numbers in our community match up. 

As the adults in your children’s lives, you have the power to change that. 

Awareness alone is not enough.

But surface-level conversations are not enough. You need to clearly understand right from wrong – and recognize a red flag – in a split second.

The only way to do that is with education.

You haven’t found a program that is:

That’s why we created MagenU

A unique children’s curriculum and adult training designed to empower Jewish children and keep them safe.
Our Programs

Give a child the tools.

Protect them for a lifetime.

As a responsible caregiver, you want to do your Hishtadlus in keeping your children safe. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools that may one day save their life.

How would you like to protect your child?

Children’s curriculum

An easy-to-incorporate, multi-lesson school curriculum for nursery thru 10th grade, Be A Star® teaches from safety awareness to healthy boundaries, leaving children with the tools to stay safe.

Parent training

Workshops by Zoom or in-person, you’ll learn how to discuss the subject with your child, how to implement prevention and how to handle disclosures, to ensure your child is safe.

Staff workshop

A one-time training by Zoom or in-person, you’ll learn how to recognize abuse, how to handle disclosures and how to use prevention tools, to take the right steps to keep your students safe.

MagenU is certified by New York State as a provider of mandated reporter training and educational coursework to school administrators, supervisors, service personnel, and teachers.

What the Rabbonim say

“This is a derech eretz program. Every cheder should have it.”
Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky, shlita
“This program is hatzolas nefoshos and very important for all yiddishe homes and schools.”
Rav Elya Brudny, shlita
“This is likely the most important education a child can get in this world.”
Rav Zecharia Wallerstein, a''h
“I have witnessed and reviewed the MagenU program. You can be assured that any frum family will be comfortable with the content and presentation. It has been put together by experts who have enormous experience in the field of protecting our children and I highly recommend it for principals and parents.”
Rabbi Ronni Greenwald, a''h
“MagenU’s program gives our children a set of tools that inculcates good habits, but does not expose our children to negative values or negativity. It is a vital addition to the curriculum of any yeshiva institution. This is a vital organization that belongs in every jewish home ”
Rabbi Ahron Shrage Lopiansky, sh’lita
Why Choose Magenu

The only personal safety program that combines the best of both worlds.

Endorsed and recommended by leading Rabbonim who have witnessed the need in our community

Run by experts and professionals in the field who know the issues from inside

Written with sensitivity and modesty so it’s 100% suitable for the frum community

Addressed using a skills-based, practical approach, to educate and empower without inducing fear

Shaped by research and frequent monitoring, to ensure a current, relevant response

Your questions answered

You know how critical protecting your children is, but you have questions.

With over 8,000 indebted MagenU parents before you, you’re not the first to have these concerns.

Find answers to frequently asked questions on our dedicated FAQ page.

What the educators say

Creating a shift, one school at a time

Let’s keep our children safe.

Educate yourselves today

Protect your child tomorrow