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Protecting your children is our priority

Sitting behind the therapist’s desk, Dr Shani Verschleiser, AuD. LCSW, heard many accounts of trauma – some of which involved childhood abuse perpetrated years before. 

60% of victims of childhood abuse never tell anyone, so typically her patients had suffered in silence, stifling the pain and carrying their secret into adulthood – until it took an emotional toll. 

Besides robbing a child of their childhood, abuse has long-term consequences, crippling the victim’s ability to live a rich, joyful life.

Shani resolved to reverse that by preventing childhood abuse in the first place. And so, in 2012, MagenU was born.

Bringing everyone on board

When it comes to prevention, children alone cannot be responsible for staying safe. Parents and teachers have the main portion of responsibility. To ensure it’s done thoroughly and effectively, MagenU uses many avenues – especially within the school system – to implement prevention education. 

Teaching the safety lessons in school:

Knowledge is power

Education is empowerment. We are dedicated to educating all sectors of the Jewish community on how to keep our children safe.

We achieve this through:

Each adhering to the strictest hashkafic standards,
to give our young generation the tools to recognize if a situation is unsafe and warrants reporting to an adult.

Parents guided
Teachers trained
Children empowered

“After two years of looking out for a program that would impart safety awareness while adhering to sensitive Torah standards, I found that MagenU checked off all the boxes. The feedback from staff, students and parents alike has been amazing. As a psychotherapist in private practice, I'm amazed at how MagenU has managed to successfully bring down psychological concepts to the level of young children. The skills are invaluable and will surely empower students into mental health awareness and overall healthy adaptive processes.”

Mrs Perala Benoliel

MACP, C.C.C. Principal, Maor Yisroel, Montreal, Quebec


The experts behind our existence

Our programs are guided by experts and professionals who have a real understanding of the need for a frum prevention education.

Chairman Emeritus:

Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald Z'l


Dr. Shani Verschleiser, LCSW

Mental Health Team & Presenters:

Rivka Bauman


Bruria Kleinman


Tali Rappaport


Devorah Levin


Dr. Naomi G. Press


Alexander Rand


Tova Markowitz


Dr. Shani Verschleiser


MagenU is certified by New York State as a provider of mandated-reporter training and educational coursework to school administrators, supervisors, service personnel, and teachers.



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