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Education is the best prevention

Be A Star® Children’s Curriculum

Protection in a pack

You’d do anything to protect your child or student, but you won’t always be around to physically do so. 

The most important thing for a child to know is that they are cared for and that their feelings matter. They will then feel comfortable sharing any conflicted or unpleasant feelings with the adults in their lives, alleviating their concerns and solving them as necessary.

MagenU’s Be A Star® easy-to-incorporate school curriculum teaches children everything they need to know to stay safe at home, school or shul. So your teaching staff knows that they’ve done their Hishtadlus to help their students stay safe.

Unfortunately, this education is all too relevant today.

If children know the rules – and the adults in their lives know how to help them implement them – you’re normalizing a critical topic to your children, creating an opportunity for open dialogue, helping make schools a safe space, protecting teachers and hanhala and bringing your family closer together. All in a box!



6 x 20-min. lessons


Your child’s school


Staff in your child’s school

Curriculum Overview Video

“Thank you for your excellent program. Each lesson was age/grade appropriate and done in a positive way. The children felt comfortable during the presentations and all considerations of proper tznius were included in language. Although we all pray that the children will not need the information you shared, it is vital that they know it.”

Rabbi Yitzchok Charner

Headmaster, Torah School of Greater Washington, Silver Spring, Maryland

What your child will learn

Our programs are guided by experts and professionals who have a real understanding of the need for a frum prevention education.

Why Be A Star® works

It is not just another prevention program. It’s a prevention education that works. That’s because of our research-based and audience-tested approach outlined below, which makes our program so effective.

Learn and let learn.

Keep your child safe.