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Education is the best prevention

Parent workshop

Learning is a small investment for your child’s safety

No community is immune to child abuse. Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

You want your child to be adequately informed. But you don’t feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough to teach them yourself. Nor do you want to be stuck fielding questions – and not knowing what to say. That said, it’s not worth risking your child’s safety just because it’s sticky to talk about it.

MagenU’s parent workshop teaches parents the signs, symptoms, and steps you need to know to keep your child safe when they’re out of your sight. It isn’t fear-based, as personal safety workshops usually are, so parents report finding it more useful and palatable. 

By investing in our trainings, you’re doing right by your children and acting as a responsible, caring guardian to those who depend on you for their daily survival.



[1-2 hr] workshop


Your child’s school or on Zoom or other venue as needed


Trained MagenU staff member

“We were truly fortunate to have this interactive time together with you. Besides the eye opening, rich presentation, everyone felt comfortable asking their questions. Your answers reflected your deep knowledge of the needs of all individuals and the personal safety program addressed the vast needs within our sheltered and vulnerable community.”

Mrs. Basya Wolff

Hebrew Curriculum Coordinator, Bais Yaakov of Queens

What parents will learn

Topics covered:

What the parents say

“What a tremendous responsibility- that I feel like gets ZERO attention! I’d never think I needed to learn about it because I’d never think it would happen to my kid- as naive as that sounds.... Tonight was insightful, concrete, effective, constructive, and extremely, extremely necessary!”
Mrs L.
I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s Magenu training. I feel extremely blessed that we had this opportunity to educate ourselves and learn so much about this challenging topic. I feel very grateful to you for making this a priority in our yeshiva. The information given was so valuable, helpful and eye-opening. Thank you!!!
Miriam S
“I wanted to apologize for staying in school for so sooo late! We just couldn’t leave, the questions just kept on coming and Shani is such an amazing wellspring of knowledge- so patient, calm, and crystal clear!”
Mrs. R

Learn and let learn.

Keep your child safe.