Educate, Empower, Protect

Dr. Mullen and Dr. Hill offer a plethora of information on CSA.

Moderated by Dr. Shani, we will be discussing what makes perpetrators think the way they do, and how this can impact the way we protect our children.

Demystifying perpetrators could provide important clues as to what we need to do as parents and communities to protect our children from harm.

Questions that we will discuss are:

  • What are the different ways in which perpetrators target children and families?
  • Are all predators the same?
  • Is there a cure for perpetrators?
  • What to do if someone is accused of CSA but denies it?
  • Are there children who are more vulnerable than others?
  • Will talking to my kid about prevention open them up to topics that they are not ready for?
  • What if another child touches my child will that cause damage?
  • If you know someone has committed CSA in your community, are you legally allowed to tell others?
  • If someone was treated for CSA, are they safe? Can they be back in the community?
  • And Much More…


Dr. Graham Hill 

Dr. Graham Hill is a British criminologist and subject matter expert in the relation to the behavior of adults who 33xuaIIy abuse children and male perpetrators of non-familial child abduction. Dr. Hill is a former senior detective and was the founder and first Head of Behavioral Analysis for the UK Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre (CEOP). Grahams investigative career and research background give him a unique perspective of 33xuaI crimes against children. Dr. Hill lectures internationally on a wide range of subjects. He is a member of the British Society of Criminology and a Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds University in England.

Dr. Hill showcases his proficiency on the program Graham Hill: Murder Detective.


Dr. Jodi Mullen, PhD, LMHC, RPT-S, CCPT-Master

Dr. Jodi Mullen is a professor at SUNY Oswego in the Counseling & Psychological Services Department. She primarily teaches in the Mental Health Counseling Program. She is the director of Integrative Counseling Services, with several offices in Central New York. Dr. Mullen is an international speaker, author, credentialed play therapist and play therapy supervisor. Dr. Mullen has over 25 years in the field of counseling. She has authored books on play therapy, counseling children and adolescents, supervision, grief counseling and parenting.

Dr. Mullen was the 2008 recipient of the Key Award for Professional Training & Education through the Association for Play Therapy. She is the proud Momma of Leah & Andre


Dr. Shani Verschleiser, AuD, LCSW

Dr. Shani Verschleiser, AuD, LCSW, is a distinguished trauma therapist, noted author, and speaker devoted to advancing family and child safety.

Along with her husband Eli Verschleiser, Dr. Shani co-founded, through which she has educated tens of thousands of individuals on CSA prevention. MagenU’s impactful curriculum is now integrated into schools worldwide, from London to South America, New York to Israel.

An influential figure in the realm of child protection, she has played a pivotal role in developing curricula aimed at empowering communities to safeguard their children. Dr. Shani’s expertise shines through her written contributions to esteemed publications such as the NY Times and diverse international platforms.

Dr. Shani holds degrees in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Somatic Experiencing (SE), EMDR, Psycho Somatic Breath Work, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP). Currently pursuing a doctorate in Forensic psychology, she remains at the forefront of trauma-focused care and child protection, embodying a commitment to making a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and families.

  • Date : May 2, 2024
  • Time : 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm (America/New_York)

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