Programs for Parents

Safety Education for our Children

Programs for Parents

The parent workshop provides practical and easy-to-use information for parents. It focuses on safety in the home, safety in a public place, recognizing warning signs of possible child abuse, maintaining a coordinated message.

Magenu believes that teaching children how to be safe must be taught at home by a parent/caregiver. However, the benefits of educating children in a school setting cannot be stressed enough. Education in schools is an effective method for preventing children from getting into dangerous situations, falling prey to abuse or staying silent if it does occur. In addition, for a child, beyond family, school is the main setting to form close relationships with adults. It makes sense that a child who is in distress might turn to a Rebbi or a Morah whom he/she trusts and respects. Leaving the education of personal safety solely to a parent is unfair.

Many parents are uncomfortable themselves with the topic, only to warn their kids about "stranger danger" or unfortunately may even be the abuser.

It is our job as parents, teachers, principals, aunts, uncles etc. to give our children the skills to protect themselves from harm and to give them the knowledge of how to get help if they have been violated.

Has Your Child's School Invited you to a Safe Child Workshop?

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