Safety Education for our Children


  • "This is a Derech Eretz Program, every Yeshiva should have it"

    Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky Shlta

  • "Magenu will give you that education"

    Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald A"H

    Schools Speak

  • "Thank you for helping us take a step forward in teaching our children how to incorporate safety into every part of their lives with sensitivity and practicality."

    Rabbi A. Obermeister, Menahel Yeshiva Ahavas Torah

  • "It was clear from the responses we received from the parents, students, and staff that your knowledge and experience was well received by our learning community."

    Rabbi A. Kuessous, Menahel , Yeshiva Sharei Torah

  • "The need for your program is all the more clear especially in the light of our present day society."

    Mrs. A. Klestzick, Principal Bnos Leah, Prospect Park

  • "As the hanhalla, we are so grateful that there exists a program which teaches adults and children alike about the unfortunate reality of dangers present in our world, yet imparts a feeling of confidence that we can protect ourselves."

    Renelle J. Maslaton, M.S. ED., Dean Beis Yackov Orat Sarah


  • "My child disclosed being sexually abused by a neighbor, the worst news a parent can hear. Thanks to my Magenu training I knew the proper way to react to the disclosure and get my child the help she needed"

    Mrs. S.

  • "I overheard my older daughter telling my younger one that her cousin did not have the right to push her, and her body belonged to her. Thank you Magenu for empowering my child to stand up for herself."

    Mrs. M.

  • "At a family Bar Mitzva my daughter came to tell me that the other children had wandered off before telling an adult in charge. My daughter didn't even think of joining them."

    Mrs. B.

  • "My child got lost in the Museum of Natural History what could have been a distavorous moment turned into a moment of triumph as my child had learned the Magenu Safety program in school and knew to find a Sage Stranger."

    Mrs. L.